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David J Jones Furniture Craftsmen is a family-run business who specialise in the creation of our own finest hand crafted furniture and master upholstery. We pride ourselves on the quality products we use, all made to meet your exact requirements and needs.

We also have a clear sense of style and commitment to comfort. With an uncompromising commitment to the finest fabrics, hard woods, materials and quality finishes, David J Jones Furniture Craftsmen produce the very best quality furniture for a growing base of discerning clients.

Our unique approach to hand crafted furniture delights attract customers from all over the UK and beyond. We have built furniture that is today in thousands of homes across the country.

Our heritage is what makes us special. We craft sofas today like we always have, hand crafted to create the finest quality bespoke furniture. We pride ourselves on our exacting standards giving you the finest quality furniture.

Our sofas stand the test of time because our dedicated team of master craftsmen and seamstresses pour their many years of skill, craftsmanship and devotion into each one.

The furniture we design and build isn’t just designed for style, our furniture is in the home to be used and loved.

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This is only a small preview of styles that we can offer you here at David J Jones Furniture Craftsmen. We can provide any style or design crafted to your bespoke taste give us a call today on 01745 859500 or pop in and see us to see to find out more.

Knoll Burlington Suite 1 Knoll Burlington Suite 2 Knoll Burlington Suite 3 Knoll Burlington Suite 4 Knoll Henley Suite 1 Knoll Henley Suite 2 Knoll Henley Suite 3 Knoll Hudson Suite 1 Knoll Hudson Suite 2 Knoll Hudson Suite 3 Knoll Hudson Suite 4 Knoll Penshurst Suite 1 Knoll Penshurst Suite 2 Knoll Penshurst Suite 3 Knoll Sienna Suite 1 Knoll Sienna Suite 2 Knoll Bradley Knoll Westbury Suite 1 Knoll Westbury Suite 2 Knoll Westbury Suite 3 DJ Furniture 6

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To see the full range, request your free catalogue today and send us a message on our contact page.

Buoyant Eton Wing Buoyant Fantasia Collection 1 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 2 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 3 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 4 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 5 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 6 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 7 Buoyant Fantasia Collection 8 Buoyant Finley Collection 1 Buoyant Finley Collection 2 Buoyant Finley Collection 3 Buoyant Finley Collection 4 Buoyant Finley Collection 5 Buoyant Finley Collection 6 Buoyant Highbury Collection 1 Buoyant Highbury Collection 2 Buoyant Highbury Collection 3 Buoyant Langden Collection 1 Buoyant Langden Collection 2 Buoyant Langden Collection 3 Buoyant Langden Collection 4 Buoyant Maya Footstool Buoyant Plaza Collection 1 Buoyant Plaza Collection 2 Buoyant Plaza Collection 3

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Find our more about our Buoyant range give us a call on 01745 859 500 or pop in and see us.

Sherborne Keswick 1 Sherborne Keswick 2 Sherborne Keswick 3 Sherborne Keswick 4 Sherborne Keswick 5 Sherborne Keswick 6 Sherborne Keswick 7 Sherborne Layton 1 Sherborne Layton 2 Sherborne Layton 3 Sherborne Keswick Lift Sherborne Layton Lift Sherborne Norvik Lift Sherborne Malvern Lift

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To see the full range request your free catalogue today and send us a message on our contact page.


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Tel: 01745 859500

David J Jones Furniture Craftsmen
Unit 11/12
Prestatyn Shopping Park
Nant Hall Road
LL19 9BJ